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This unbuilt proposal reimagines one of the most confusing and significant intersections in the City of Detroit. Where Grand River Ave. meets Trumbull Ave. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (formerly Myrtle St.) is a crucial nexus and bridge  between the Woodbridge, Midtown, Core City, and North Corktown neighborhoods - and long forgotten link to a rich history. 

The intersection holds historical significance as the site of the demolished Scripps Mansion (home of James Scripps - founder of the Detroit News and Chicago Tribune), and the site of the Scripps Library and Booth House (first home of George G. Booth and Ellen Scripps Booth - founders of Cranbrook). Remnants of two ornate churches built in the late 1800s, and a marketplace designed by famed Detroit architect Albert Kahn; all still stand as of 2023. 

The intersection as it appeared in 1931
The intersection as it appears in 2021

Sanborn fire insurance map, 1921
Scripps Mansion (1880—1985)
Postcard of Scripps Mansion Addition, 1890
George G. Booth House (1889—1985)
The house of George G Booth and Ellen Scripps Booth
The House was expanded with a mirrored addition, donated to the City of Detroit after the Booths moved to Cranbrook, and converted into a public library and park

James Scripps’ private art gallery was moved across the street from the grounds of the former Scripps mansion in 1927, and adjoined to the new Scripps Branch library to be enjoyed by the public.

Grand Trumbull Market, Albert Kahn c. 1921

Detroit Riots (1967)

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