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Subject Studio is a boutique architecture and design studio that blurs the standard boundaries of architectural practice, treating each project as a unique subject to be studied and designed between people and the space they inhabit.

Our services range from architecture and interior design to graphic and furniture design, and are tailored to the needs of each project. Regardless of what we’re designing, we are constantly mindful of employing sustainable methods that encourage a healthy relationship with our shared environments.

Subject Studio calls Detroit, MI  home.

For project inquiries or a simple chat, please call, write, or email us 

︎   Subject Studio
        1577 Ash St. 
        Detroit, MI 48208

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Michael Sklenka, Architect

Mollie Decker,



Residential New Construction and Renovation
Small Commercial
Landscape Design
Interior Design
Custom Furniture & Millwork
3D Rendering

Graphic Design

Print Publication & Collateral
Marks & Logo Design

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